Another great thing about fudge is its wide range of choice

The innocents got tainted for no fault of their own. Despite all this, I believe those days were better because cheating in exams and corruption in competitive exams was just a social evil. It had not yet assumed the status of an industry.. “She was very kind to the students, a good tutor, but she didn’t really socialize with the students. She treated them like a teacher does,” the colleague said. He won the ASNE Deadline News award in 2006.

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That poor boy was in a jam to say the least! She wouldn’t release him and she wouldn’t come to me when I called her. Something she seldom did was run away, but for whatever reason she took off with Copper still attached to her! The poor dog was running backwards all around 50 acres while my Maggie was freakin out as it was the first time she had been bred. I don’t think either one of them new what was going on.

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