“Earlier on Friday, law enforcement sources had misidentified

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moncler outlet store The “pro life” right wing loves babies cept if they’re babies born to undocumented immigrants on American soil who, because of the constitutional provision regarding birthright citizenship, cheap moncler jackets wholesale become evil “anchor babies.” As many of these children are born to Hispanic immigrants, they have become a flashpoint for the bigotry and nativism of the right wing who fear and loathe brown people. As the mouthpiece for the bigoted and nativist right wing, Fox “News” does its gosh darned, patriotic American best to further the fear and loathing of “anchor babies” with its frequent use of the term. Today, the Moncler Factory Outlet Fox morning propaganda show, cleverly packaged as a happy chat show, “Fox Friends” provided a platform for a member of the radical right to elucidate his opinion of moves by several states to do away with birthright citizenship in addition to the requisite Fox trashing of the Federal government’s supposed Moncler Outlet negligence on immigration issues and a plug for the Arizona immigration bill moncler outlet store.