But one of the prosecutors’ more subtle strategy shifts could

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At the publisher’s website one can also search for “at a glance” (quotation marks not needed) to learn about the dozens of other guides in this discover this series. In addition to researching in the state of Ohio, the series also includes at a glance guides for Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina. This issue focuses on Tracing Ancestors in Ireland’s County Wicklow.

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Unfortunately, confirmation bias is not limited to politics. Buyers of products do the same thing. Before purchasing, they search for reviews to help them decide which products to buy and from which companies to buy them. “I’ve been restarting a meditation practice since I moved to Boulder,” said Eng, contemplating the inspiration behind the unique piece. “I was taking a class on media archeology and recycling of obsolete technology. At the same time, excessive waste is constantly on my mind, as well as my Facebook page.

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The set up: The first week of Cosby’s retrialwas packed with headline grabbing variations from thecourt fight last year. But one of the prosecutors’ more subtle strategy shifts could be the one that pays the greatest dividends. Before paradinga string of newaccusers to the witness stand in Norristown, Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele chose to kick off his case with a forensic psychiatristwho spent an hour on the witness stand dispelling common cultural misconceptions on how sexual assault victims ought to react to their abuse.

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