The i DTEC is from the Earth Dreams Technology

And while many high achievers are ruthless with loved ones, he’s got a family that’s proud of him too. Parents who divorced in acrimony but were united in joy at his success; an older brother whose regular tennis court drubbings inspired the younger one to eclipse him; grandparents, a community, a wife and two children, all happy and healthy and still talking to him. All of us hope for that and many of us manage it but to do so while spending most of the year competing and travelling around the globe is a feat in itself..

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But that day, I watched in wonder as the words streamed out of my pen, forming the most pivotal letter I’ve ever written, addressed to Tom. Along with an account of the violence that he subjected me to, the words, I want to find forgiveness stared back at me, surprising nobody more than myself. But deep down, I realized that this was my way out of my suffering because regardless of whether or not he deserved my forgiveness, I deserved peace..

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The new Jazz is equipped with the same 1.2 petrol engine as the Brio and Amaze. It also shares its diesel engine with the Amaze, the Mobilio and the City. The i DTEC is from the Earth Dreams Technology. After lunch experience an afternoon safari in a shared jeep in search of the Tigers of Ranthambore. Also included is a visit to a centre working towards women empowerment. See the village community in Ranthambore and their local craftsmanship..

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