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Is someone watching that exact camera every moment of every day? No, but it’s always on and always recording.In this case, police were either alerted separately from a bystander and they pulled the footage for the media publicity, or the fact that someone was lying face down on the sidewalk for a period of time was visually enough to alert someone at watch command to pay closer attention to this feed as the video feed flipped through the other thousands of camera feeds they monitor at the same time.As for your other statement about being watched closely, there’s no way to actively monitor everything, all the time. But there is almost always someone watching high profile public areas for suspicious activity. How closely you are watched depends on the resources available, the perceived threat risk, and how suspicious something appears.In my opinion, the contributions of law enforcement, emergency management, and counter terrorism to our safety are vastly under appreciated and grossly misunderstood by the general public..

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