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buy canada goose jacket cheap The new atheists do not speak to the millions of people whose form of religion is far from the embodied certainties of contemporary literalism, and who aren inclined to submit to the mad mullahs and the fanatical ministers.Yes, but they do canada goose outlet online uk speak to the billions of people who believe in a personal god who engages with the world.What is most repellent about the new atheism is its intolerant certainty; it is always noon in Dawkins world, and the sun of science and liberal canada goose outlet shop positivism is shining brassily, casting no shadow.Well, what are some examples of the certainty (Wood gives none.) And what, exactly, is so bad about it being noon and sunny and all? More often atheists are accused of having a bleak world view, of demolishing religion but replacing it with nothing positive. Well, at least Wood gets our humanism right, though he apparently sees it as a failing.Although these are serious charges, Wood fails to provide any examples of the dogmatism and intolerance of the new atheists, or of the of their canada goose outlet toronto factory discussion of faith. His arguments against us, then, are merely assertions, unsupported with evidence.In contrast, Wood provides many quotes from theologians and believers like Eagleton, canada goose outlet sale hanging them with their own words. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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