Opinion polls released on Thursday show that the AfD is

canada goose But despite criticism, the AfD has carved out a significant portion of support from the German electorate since its founding in 2013. Opinion polls released on Thursday show that the AfD is currently on track to become Germany’s third largest party following the country’s election on Sept. 24. canada goose

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I was 17 when I met a dolphin named Spock, the first of many that I’ve known in my lifetime. As a SCUBA diver at a marine park on San Francisco Bay, I had the job of scrubbing algae off the concrete walls of the dolphin tank Spock’s home for hours at a time. I loved it, of course, but even..

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S. Controls Fine Harbor, One Time Jap Fleet Anchorage By Leif Erickson GUAM, April 11 American infantr ymen to day gained a foothold for the second time in three days on a ridge near Kakazu on south ern Okinawa, where the Japs are making their staunchest defense of the island. Artillery fire on both sides slackened as the weather cleared.

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